Bug triage on Commons

mindre end 1 minutters læsning

I will try to help out in the Drupal Commons issue queue for the 7.x-3.x version on Thursday. Come and join me. The main objective of the bug triage is to narrow down the bug count and maybe fix some low-hanging fruit in the issue queue, so it will be easier for the main developers to get stuff done and focus on the most important stuff.


On Thursday from 10.30 CEST til around 14.30 CEST I will be working an online in #drupal-commons.

Want to join?

Everybody can join. We will just meet up in the IRC channel for #drupal-commons. You can join at any time during that period.

There is plenty to do for people at different skill levels.

Sign up for the online event here.

Updates for the efforts

Updates for our efforts will be posted on this page.