Brooming the Panels issue queue

mindre end 1 minutters læsning

I’ve been involved quite a lot lately in helping out with Panopoly - and it has just got to a 1.1 release because of great work @dsnopek, @mrfelton and @populist. Panopoly builds heavily on Panels, and I saw that they are getting close to releasing a 3.4-version.

@japerry started to maintain panels, and he is working hard moving Panels forward, so everybody else can benefit from this great module.

However, it is a daunting task. As of writing there is 632 open issues in the issue queue for panels. You really do not have to be a coder to help sort out the issues. There is a lot of tasks, you can easily do, so @japerry can focus on the important stuff.

This is what you can do, if you want to be a janitor in the issue queue.