Converting to Drupal 7

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My site has been created in Drupal 6, and the source code is online at github. I want to upgrade it to Drupal 7 and at the same time, I want to improve the functionality of the core functionality of the site.

What is the core functionality?

The site is a collection of different exercises, which you are able to put into your own training programs. The current site is built using some custom code, but I want to rebuild it in a more Drupalish way, so I can utilize nodes and fields. Basically, I want the training programs to be another content type, which you can relate the exercise content type to. That is easy to do with an autocomplete node reference field. However, the gui is not really user friendly. Also I need a way to add a custom comment to the specific exercise, I add to the traning program. The comment cannot be saved on the exercise, as it is specific to the traning program.

The solution

  • Grouping the exercise and a comment can easily be achieved with the field collection module. First you need to create your field collections under admin/structure - and after that y0u can easily add the field collection to your node. Be aware that only the hidden widget type works for the module.

Still struggling

  • Improving the gui. I am still struggling with improving the gui for adding exercises to the traning program.

So if you have any advice on how to improve the gui for node references, feel free to use the comments?





This seems like an inappropriate use of Drupal planet. If we allowed everyone to post asking for free advice/help upgrading their sites we would have dozens of posts like this per day. If you had tried to upgrade your site, documented the plan, documented the problems you ran into, and then posted all of that while asking for advice it would be a useful post but I don’t see much value you are providing to the world here.

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