Integration between Drupal Commerce and BillysBilling

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In we are using Drupal Commerce Kickstart and we just recently started using as our accounting solution. Therefore we just started to code on a Drupal integration between the two systems in a dedicated module on

If you want any say in how the module evolves, you are more than welcome to come to the issue queue and express your opinion. I am using the official php-sdk for BIllysBilling, which is available from

Right now we are thinking about two different integrations:

  • Rules - create custom actions and events which could pass the objects to the api. I would then need to impleent hook_rules_event_info() and hook_rules_action_info().
  • Implement a hook_post_save() which responds to checkout complete or order save - or maybe even better make a new status on an order after executed, namely invoiced.

What would you do?