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I have created an installation profile for most of my sites, which I use when creating new platforms on my Barracuda-Octopus-Aegir setup. When creating new platforms I only utilize the make-files, which pretty much leaves the installation profile untested - until a second developer joins the project.

Therefore I looked into a way of getting my changes tested. All my sites are on, and thus I could utilize Travis CI-integration. Turned out that it was not to difficult. I simply enabled Travis CI for the project and added the following .travis.yml to the root of my Drupal 7-installation profile.

  - 5.3

  database: drupal
  username: root
  encoding: utf8
  - "mysql -e 'create database drupal;'"
  - pear channel-discover
  - pear install drush/drush
  - phpenv rehash
  - drush make ../
  - cd ../
  - sudo chmod -R 777 sites/all/modules
  - drush si vih_dk --db-url=mysql://root:@ --account-name=admin --account-pass=VIH@2012 --site-name="" --yes
  - drush cc all --yes

  - test -d profiles/vih_dk
  - test -d profiles/vih_dk/modules/contrib
  - test -d profiles/vih_dk/modules/vih
  - test -d profiles/vih_dk/themes

To see the results, see the build status on Travis, and you can even implement a little image on you website telling whether your installation profile builds correctly.

E.g. the build status for the installation profile for

Build Status

More to test

There is probably more that you could test automatically. What are you including in your tests?


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