Setting up goals in Google Analytics for Drupal Commerce

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I have created a e-commerce site using Drupal Commerce. The site is tied to a Google Analytics account through the google analytics module and the commerce analytics module. To make the analysis more useful, I setup conversion goals for people going through the whole checkout process. Under Admin –> Profiles –> Goals I setup a goal: “Buying in the shop”. I did the following:

General information

Goal name: Buying in the shop

Goal Type: URL destination

Goal Details

Goal URL: checkout/[0-9]+/complete

Match Type: Regular Expression Match

Goal value: 150 (as most of the products in my shop costs about 150 DKK)

Goal funnel

I also setup a goal funnel, so it was possible to see where I loose customers in the process.

Step 1: /checkout/[0-9]+

Step 2: /checkout/[0-9]+/shipping

Step 3: /checkout/[0-9]+/review

Step 4: /checkout/[0-9]+/payment

More to do?

I am currently looking into the following:

What goals are you setting up for your Drupal Commerce site? And how do you use the metrics in your daily life.



Excellent suggestion. How do you setup goals where you use the event value for Drupal Commerce. Do you have an example?

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