78,043 potential contributors for colorbox

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I have been using colorbox on several projects, and we are thinking about making the colorbox module a dependency of Media Gallery. One day I had an issue which I could not figure out, so I went to the issue queue to see whether other had the same problem as me. Luckily they had, so my issue was quickly resolved.

However, I took a look at the frontpage and saw that there was more than 260 open issues. There are to branches 6.x and 7.x, but for a relatively simple module, that is a lot. So I started digging through issues to see whether some of them could be closed. I found duplicates, answered support questions and asked for more info, to make it easier to answer the questions.

The maintainer, frjo, appreciated my efforts and he quickly closed some issues as well. That meant that we could close and mark a lot of issues as ‘fixed’. Right now there are 209 open issues, and a lot of ‘fixed’ issues. That, off course, makes the maintainer’s life easier.

There are 78,043 other people using the module also. Have an hour to help out?

7,985 potential 6.x co-maintainers

The project is looking for a co-maintainer for the 6.x-branch. Hopefully someone will step up and dig into the issue queue for the 6.x-issues. A good place to start is by reviewing patches and answering support requests.

If you are using colorbox, help out to make the module even better.