Making Media Gallery work with Media 2.x

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I am constantly trying to make it easier to be an editor at Vejle Idrætshøjskole site. Now the time has come to make it easier to create photo galleries. Earlier I uploaded the photo galleries to Picasa Web and created a custom input filter, which could embed the photo galleries as a slideshow into the page and used PWI to embed a photo gallery.

However, when watching the editors doing that, I just knew that I had to change the approach.

I had my eye out for media gallery for quite some time, but was reluctant to use it seeing the issue queue. However, watching screencasts I decided I would go for it anyways. Maybe I could help solve some of the issues.

My first problem was that I use the Media 2.x-branch, and media gallery only works for the 1.x-branch at the moment. Luckily, I was not the only one needing media gallery to work with 2.x. I started creating some patches which made it possible to have media gallery installed, but it was still not possible to add images to the galleries.

So this is where open source is great. leschekfm took my patches and made it possible to add files to the media gallery.

Media gallery still does not have a 2.x-branch. But to have media gallery work anyways, I did the following:

$ git clone --recursive --branch 7.x-1.x
$ cd media_gallery
$ git apply

I only needed one patch, because leschekfm put my three patches into his, which makes testing a lot easier.

I also needed to install the required multiform module.

$ drush dl multiform
$ drush en multiform

Then for ease of upload, I installed plupload to make it easier to upload all the files at once.

$ drush dl plupload
$ drush en plupload
$ cd sites/all/libraries/
$ wget
$ unzip

So that is basically all there is to having media gallery work with media 2.x-branch.

Now we are just hoping for the developers of media gallery, that they will open up the 2.x-branch of media gallery, so the community can start helping out.


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