Samsung Galaxy IIs

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I was growing tired of my Samsung Galaxy sII which came with Android 2.3 being too slow after applying all upgrades to the Android system to reach 4.1. Therefore I wanted to root the phone and flash a new ROM on it.

No need to root your phone first

First, I thought I had to root the phone before starting. That was a big mistake, and I ended up paying for Do not do that.

Just use cyanogenmod

It was really easy when just using cyanogenmod. Everything is explained on their website, and you do not need to do anything. You probably want to backup your phone first, though :) I ended up with a very pleasant system. Only caveats to the system before is:

Facebook synchro with contacts not working. Apparently, currently there is a limitation in the FB app, so your Facebook contacts cannot be synced with your contacts. That is not a big deal for me, and that will probably be fixed later on.

Cannot get a GPS-fix anymore. After the update I cannot get a GPS-fix anymore. I suspect this will be fixed in later versions and this is probably just an issue on the Galaxy sII - and I am currently looking for a solution to fixing this, as this is a big deal for me.

If you are getting tired of your current Android system, you should give cyanogenmod a go :)

Update: Now I want a new phone!

I have grown tired of the phone entirely, and switched to a Samsung Note 3 and later to a Samsung Note 9.

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