Making a health profiler

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I started creating an easy to use, open source health profiler made for Drupal 7. However, I want to alter the criteria for some of the tests a bit and add other tests. Now I am asking you clever Drupallers, how to best achieve this?

The challenge?

  • Every registered user should be able to save the health profile for later access, and be able to create new health profiles to see improvements. Should it just be a new content type?
  • The questions in the health profile is a mix between multiple choice questions and text field questions. (1) Record participants age. (2) Record participants sex. (3) Matrix with e.g. food questions, e.g. How often do you eat fish (often, rarely, never). (4) Blood pressure. (5) Level of fitness. How could this most easily be achieved? Making it different fields on a new content type and thus creating some new fields?
  • Answers should be compared to some standard tables comparing the participant to the rest of the population. How should these be saved?’

Thanks in advance for all of your answers :) You can reply either here or at



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