Show all Google Calendars on Samsung Galaxy II s

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My beloved HTC Desire died, because it did not wear a bathing suit. I decided to buy a Samsung Galaxy II s as a replacement, because I wanted a nice phone with Android. And it is a lovely phone.

However, I just spend too much time figuring out how to show all my Google Calendars - also the calendars other people share with me. Turned out that I had to show them in my web interface in my browser to be able to find them on my phone.

Samsung developers really need to fix this, as that is just plain strange.


Sune Jensen

Actually I believe it is more up to Google just to allow access to all calendars as default. It’s the same issue on iPhone. /Sune


Ok. Hope Google will fix this soon. That is not quite expected behavior. I have not restricted any access to the calendars. Was just not showing them on my online calendar at the moment.

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