Web based module update in Drupal 7 on Dreamhost

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I created a site for a friend with Drupal 7. I did it as a friendly gesture because they urgently needed a new site. So I probably used 3 hours setting up the site.

First, I created a drush make file and an install profile in version control and I logged into my Dreamhost server using ssh. I could easily clone the install profile to a directory via:

git clone git://github.com/hampen/hampenhallen-build.git

Second, And then I navigated to the folder to setup the actual site:

drush make hampenhallen_dk.build ../hampenhallen.dk

Now drush automatically pulls all the dependencies for the site. Then I needed to do the ususal Drupal setup stuff:

cp sites/larsolesen.dk/default.settings.php sites/larsolesen.dk/settings.php
chmod 777 sites/larsolesen.dk/settings.php
mkdir sites/larsolesen.dk/files
chmod 777 sites/larsolesen.dk/files

I just choose an open source theme and created the users, and now my fried was basically ready to start building his own site using Drupal 7.

What about upgrading modules?

Normally I would just use drush to upgrade the modules. However, my friend is not familar with Drupal and drush, so he needed to be able to do it via the web interface. However, on Dreamhost the default settings do not work, as writing to the temporary folder fails because of permission issues.

The reason being that the temporary directory is set to:


Being on a shared server environment my user does not have access to that folder. So I created an new folder beneath my user and gave the user write permissions.

cd ~
mkdir tmp
chmod 644 tmp

Now I just had to tell Drupal about it, and I navigated to Configuration –> File system. There I could change the setting to the directory I have created, like shown in this screenshot.

Setting folder in Drupal 7

Thats about it for having automatic upgrades for modules on Drupal 7 on a shared Dreamhost server.