Implementing mailchimp in a Drupal site

1 minutters læsning

Recently I switched to mailchimp for my newsletter needs for several reasons. I wanted an easy way to implement, and I read this article: Mailchimp 2.0: Anatomy of a module rewrite. I installed the mailchimp module and before thinking too clearly, I started looking at the code to see how I could create my own custom signup form which both logged-in and anonymous users could use to sign up for one of my lists.

I learned something about the anatomy of Drupal doing so, but really I should have read the article more in depth, because the answer was right there. Create a list and expose it as a freeform and you will have the signup form in block you can just put in whereever you like. See how I did it on

This module made my life a whole lot easier.

What is missing?

  • Gives PHP notices. Seems that there are some notices when having groups in the list. I filed a bug.
  • Ways to alter the content of the block. I cannot seem to find a way to alter the content of the block. I am not completely satisfied that it shows all the headlines making my own title obsolete. But that might be improved in later versions.
  • Translations. As soon as the module reaches stable, I will translate missing strings myself. That is the beauty of Drupal :)