Scribd was not a perfect fit?

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I was in love with Scribd for the following reasons:

  • Nice possibilites for embedding documents into my own site.
  • Good api for developers which I could use from within Drupal through scribdfield.

That was why I suggested Scribd for for their document knowledge database. However, after finishing the development cycle and into the final phase of testing, the limitations started to show (note to self: remember to read all documentation before integrating an external service).

  • The upload limit was not sufficient for my project. I had some documents on 200MB+, but Scribd cannot technically handle documents over 100MB (and in reality maybe only 75MB).
  • To download you need a Scribd account even if the document has been embedded to another page. I did not want to force the users of to create a Scribd account.

Everything taken into account, I had to drop Scribd and just upload the documents with a the Drupal file field (which does not give me the nice iPaper reader or any other eyecandy).

Unless any of you have a better suggestion?


Santam Chakraborty

Hi I was facing the same issue too . There are two D6 modules that seem to do the same thing the iPaper module and the Scribd Field modules. However no drupal 7 port is developed yet and the issue queues are silent as to the progress being made. You seem to be a developer with considerable talents seeing your scribd filter module. May be a look at those will help? Santam


The same limitations to the ipaper and scribd field modules apply. It will still not fit the project, I was working on.


In my company we use Calameoas our defult document sharing service. Been very happy with it over the years. I can’t confirm what the upload limit is, but I do know that our visitors can download our documents without needing a Calameo account of their own. Also, I like the reader… But that’s a personal preference already. Best of luck


Maybe using Google Document Viewer is a solution for your usecase? More info about Drupal + Google Document Viewer:


That seems like a very good answer that will enhance the filefield for pdf’s. I will investigate further. Has it been made into a module yet?

tim has a awesome page flip book that expands to full view very nicely and makes the reading of documents a pleasure online. There are currently modules for d6 fo issuu and although you do have to register , you can just add one role that has rights to upload and assign those right to the users who need to use the upload

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